1 (Objectives)

  1. The following terms and conditions stipulate the usage of “soleami” (The “Site”) that is a set of services (The “Services”) provided by RONDHUIT Co.,Ltd. (“RONDHUIT”) that include analyzation and visualization of query logs.
  2. All users that use the Services must comply with the following terms and conditions. By registering to the Site, users agree to the following terms and conditions.
  3. The Site will provide Services to users who agree to the following terms and conditions.

2 (Definition of Users)

In the following terms and conditions, “users” refer to persons or entities that agree to the following terms and conditions and entered and transmitted required information to make a registration request according to the procedures established by RONDHUIT.

3 (Responsibilities of Users)

  1. RONDHUIT will NOT return files that are uploaded by users to the Site. Users, therefore, will be responsible for making a backup of their files.
  2. In order to receive the Service, users must enter and transmit information that RONDHUIT requires its users for registration.
  3. When registering information as specified in the previous clause, users must provide us with their proper web site address or line of business.

4 (Screening and Canceling of Registration)

You may not be registered or be unregistered, even if you are using the Service, if one or more of the followings apply.

  1. There is one or more false entries, including web site address and/or the line of business, in the registration form.
  2. The line of business has an illegal nature.
  3. The registered person or entity does not exist or is not in operation.
  4. The payment for the Service has not been made nor been confirmed by the set due date.

5 (Notification of Changes in Registration Information)

Users must promptly inform RONDHUIT of any changes in registration information (name, address, mail address, phone number, unit name, name of person in charge, etc).

6 (Responsibility for ID and Password)

  1. Users must handle user ID and password that are issued by RONDHUIT on their own responsibility.
  2. RONDHUIT shall not be responsible for damages caused by forgetting or losing user ID and/or password.
  3. Users must not transfer or lend user ID or password to a third party.
  4. If a user ID or password has been lost or stolen, users must promptly notify RONDHUIT of the incident.

7 (User Data Utilization for Statistical Purpose)

  1. RONDHUIT may freely use files that users uploaded for data analysis.
  2. RONDHUIT may use statistically processed analytical data for any purpose other than the Service in manners that cannot identify user.

8 (Fee)

  1. The Service fees list shall be provided separately.
  2. Users are responsible for cost required for equipment and communication that are required to use the Service in addition to the fee stipulated in the previous clause.

9 (Copyright)

RONDHUIT shall own copyrights regarding Service except for the ones that users or third parties already own. Users may not copy, convert, or publish copyrights that RONDHUIT owns without permission.

10 (Disclaimer)

RONDHUIT shall not be responsible for damages caused to user as a result of using the Service.

11 (Damages)

Users shall compensate for damages on their own responsibility if they cause damages to third parties or RONDHUIT as a result of site usage that violates the terms and conditions.

12 (Prohibition of Transfer and Succession)

Users may not transfer, succeed, or collateralize all or part of rights and obligations based on terms and conditions without prior written consent by RONDHUIT.

13 (Restrictions on Usage)

  1. RONDHUIT shall separately place restrictions on usages including query log file size that user can upload, time period that user can visualize analysis result, and number of words.
  2. RONDHUIT shall place or make changes to restrictions on the scope of Service by user.
  3. RONDHUIT may suspend or unregister user that have not accessed the Site for extended period of time.

14 (Modifications to Service)

RONDHUIT may make modifications and/or additions to part or all of Service without prior notice for any reason whatsoever.

15 (Shutdown of Service)

  1. RONDHUIT may shut down the Service if the need arises, by notifying user of the procedure at least one month before the scheduled shutdown.
  2. Notwithstanding the previous clause, RONDHUIT may shut down the Service in any of the following cases without prior notice in order to provide trouble-free operation of Service.
  1. Cases of natural disasters including earthquake and lightning strike, fire, electricity outage, and sabotage by third parties.
  2. Cases where scheduled maintenance or emergency maintenance are required.
  3. Cases where there are unavoidable circumstances.

16 (Modifications of Terms and Conditions)

  1. RONDHUIT may make modification to terms and conditions without prior consent of users.
  2. RONDHUIT shall promptly notify the modified terms and conditions on the Site or in manners that RONDHUIT sees appropriate.
  3. The modifications shall be effective from the day that is stipulated in the modified terms and conditions published on the Site.

17 (Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction)

The terms and conditions shall be governed by, construed, and interpreted under the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first hearing for any and all disputes arising between RONDHUIT and users from the use of the Service.

18 (Discussion)

If a matter that is irreconcilable by the terms and conditions arises from the use of the Service, RONDHUIT and users shall discuss the matter in good faith for a solution.

Supplementary Provision
The terms and conditions will be effective on January 1, 2012.

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