soleami – Apache Solr Query Log Visualization Service Launched


Soleami, an Apache Solr query log analysis service, is generally available today. Soleami summarizes query logs in various angles and analyzes/charts them for you to see in your browser.

soleami – Visualize the needs of your visitors.

Solr keeps track of search requests in a log file called query log. This query log is like “a list of visitors’ needs” but has not been exploited because the task you need to perform to summarize the log by search keyword requires a huge amount of work.

To bring this problem to a close, soleami has been architected and developed so that it only requires users to upload query logs to summarize them and display charts in a web browser. Any Solr manager now can upload Solr query logs to soleami and visualize needs of visitors for free.

It’s as easy as 3 steps to visualize query logs.

  1. Save query log file output from Solr.
  2. Zip the query log file and upload it to soleami.
  3. Watch the displayed charts.

Soleami supports the following charts (See sample scheenshots here)。

  • Top 10
    Top 10 summarizes and displays 10 most popular search keywords by month. You can see the seasonal variability of search keywords because it can display keywords as old as 12 months.
  • Trend 1000
    Trend 1000 displays a line chart of 1000 most popular search keywords for last 12 months. It also displays a bar chart of 20 most popular sub keywords that are specified along with search keywords.
  • Zero Hits
    “0 hits” displays a bar chart that indicates the number of queries in last 12 months that ended up with “0 hits” – queries that failed to find any search result. “0 hits” indicates that your site was unable to fill the needs of the visitors. Cutting the number of 0 hits would increase visitor satisfaction for general sites and conversion rate for EC sites.

These are the charts we currently provide in soleami but our development team is making constant efforts to improve quality and function of the service so that you can visualize your query logs in various angles. Please e-mail us if you have any request such as “I want to analyze my data in this certain angle. Can you do it?”

Take advantage of soleami along with Solr to help enhance the convenience of your site.

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