Notes on Uploading Log File


After three days since the launch of soleami, increasing number of users are registering and uploading files. It would be our greatest pleasure to see more and more users create a perception that “watching query logs is interesting.”

That said, there is a strict and unfortunate limitation on the format of query log when you use soleami to visualize your Solr query log.

Please see the list of limitations here. Even though you receive an e-mail that inform you of “completion of analysis”, the visualization screen displays “no log data…” If your log file does not comply to the specified format. For example, a user uploaded the following log file but is unable to visualize because:

  • The name of month is not an appropriate.
    14 f?vr. 2012 06:39:23

    We are afraid but soleami recognizes the following date format only.

    Jan 14, 2012 9:21:27 AM
    2012/1/14 09:21:27

    Anything other than the above format is currently unrecognizable.

  • One query is formatted in one line. Currently, soleami can analyze nothing but JUL’s 2-line per query format that is the default for Solr.

Our soleami development team will continue to improve the service to ease these limitations.

Happy visualization!

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