NOTE: The following sample screenshots use not real search word data but demo data that are generated at random.

[TOP10] summarizes and displays 10 most popular keywords of a month. You can see the seasonal variability of search keywords because it can display keywords as old as 12 months.

[TREND1000] lists 1,000 most popular search keywords in last 12 months. You can select and click one of the search keywords on the list to display search keyword trend of last 12 months in a line chart. Below that trend, you can see a bar chart of 20 most popular sub keywords specified along with search keywords.

[ZERO HITS] lists queries that ended up with “0 hits”. You can select and click one of the queries on the list to display the number of searches in last 12 months in a bar chart.

“0 hits” indicates that your site was unable to fill the needs of the visitors. Cutting the number of 0 hits by implementing measures such as enriching your thesaurus would increase visitor satisfaction for general sites and conversion rate for EC sites.

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