Two Starts – JAIST and Twitter


Author: Koji Sekiguchi

Starting April, I’m a graduate student at School of Information Science in Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) and a new user of Twitter. Please follow me on Twitter, @kojisays, as I tweet topics related to my school/research life.

The classes are held at Friday nights and on weekends. We had the first morning class on last Sunday, right after the first orientation session on Saturday. Our professor even gave us an essay assignment in the first class!

Our subject on Saturday is Statistical Signal Processing where we study to master basic mathematical handling of stochastic process as well as signal-processing algorithm and model estimation with statistics in mind. We didn’t get into the stochastic process and only studied basic probability theory. It was a great timing for me as I have been doing research on score accounting using probability model including BM25 and Language Model that are introduced in Lucene 4.0.

It might be one of my dreams to apply the knowledge I obtain from this class to query log analysis of soleami. We may be able to take the number of searches on a certain keyword in a certain period of time as stochastic process, then we could mathematically predict the number of searches on the keyword in the future. What do you say?

We will apply variety of ideas including the ones I get from JAIST lectures to soleami to make this service more exciting and valuable for you. Enjoy soleami!

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