About Us

soleami is provided by RONDHUIT Co.,Ltd.

Corporate History

2012 Launched soleami service.
2011 Developed a query log visualization function as a part of subscription package.
2010 Launched Apache Solr subscription package with Japanese search enhancement while Koji Sekiguchi co-authored an Apache Solr handbook.
2009 Launched Apache Solr training courses.
2008 The president Koji Sekiguchi became an Apache Solr committer.
2007 Kept giving vigorous push forward in Lucene/Solr consultation business.
2006 Founded as an Apache Lucene/Solr consultation and support service provider. The name RONDHUIT was derived from the name of street near where the founder lives – called Maru-hachi street. Maru and hachi are ROND and HUIT in French respectively.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Representative: Koji Sekiguchi
Head Office: Main Bldg. 20F Marunouchi Trust Tower
1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan 100-0005
TEL: +81-3-5288-5927
E-mail: support at soleami dot com

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